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Don’t underestimate your Theory Test; what to expect and how to prepare yourself for the test

Don’t underestimate your Theory Test; what to expect and how to prepare yourself for the test

The Theory test is often dismissed the easiest section of the vehicle licensing examination. Try not to dismiss it out of hand; the Theory test is often failed, and you will need to invest a significant amount of time and effort if you want to make sure that you pass it first time around.

Before taking your Theory test (an examination based upon answering a series of multiple-choice questions), you must first complete your CBT (‘Compulsory Basic Training’ exercise). Your CBT is a one-day training event which guides you through motorcycling basics; to arrange a CBT event simply contact your local motorcyclist’s training centre.

Once you have your CBT certificate, you then have to proceed to the Theory stage. The Theory test is comprised of two sections; the multiple choice questions being one, and a hazard avoidance test (conducted on a computer at a designated test centre) being the other one.

The Multiple Choice Test

  • 50 questions; 57 minutes duration.
  • A minimum of 43/50 questions need to be answered correctly in order for you to pass.
  • Question selected electronically at random by the computer from a possible 900.
  • Prepare yourself by reading one of the many books designed specifically for this purpose; The Official DSA Theory Test is a good title.
  • You can practise online at:

The Hazard Avoidance Test

  • Comprises fourteen video clips; each approximately one minute long.
  • Thirteen clips contain one single hazard each; one clip contains two hazards in one clip.
  • You play the rider, and must identify potential hazards as they crop up on the screen in front of you. You will be given several practise questions before the test kick starts to make sure that you have got to grips with the touchscreen and answering process.
  • Speed is of the essence; your reaction time as you acknowledge the hazards in front of you will affect your final score.
  • 44/75 points need in order to successfully pass the test.
  • There are various websites offering free hazard avoidance tests online.

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