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Popularity of Motorcycles and Scooters soars as road-users recognise the most cost-effective way to travel in style

Popularity of Motorcycles and Scooters soars as road-users recognise the most cost-effective way to travel in style

The figures are in, and it looks as if 2011 may well be the year of the motorcyclist. Statistics compiled by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) have shown that sales of motorcycles and scooters have been steadily rising over the past year, most likely as a result of the fact that an increasing number of road-users are recognising the cost-efficient nature of travelling in style
Running a car is known to be an expensive way to get around, and the current economic crisis has encouraged vehicle-owners to reconsider their usual means of travel. Research conducted by the MCI Association showed that the sales figures for motorcycles and scooters increased by a whopping 23% compared with the same time period from last year; the statistics used were based upon an analysis of the financial year to date.

CEO of MCI Steve Kenward explained: “The motorcycle industry has been working hard over the last year to combat the decline in motorcycle sales and expand its customer base by introducing people to bikes and scooters through the Get On campaign. The campaign which is attracting new riders by offering a free one-hour ride with a trainer to anyone over the age of 16years who wants to have a go is really starting to bear fruit”.

So where did we see a significant difference in terms of sales? Scooters, Supersports, Naked and the Sport/Tourer all showed a substantial boost to sales in February 2011; Scooter sales rose by 50.7%; Supersports by 43.9%; Nakeds by 37.6% and the Sport/Tourer by 37.%. Brand names enjoying the sudden surge in sales included the Yamaha, Honda and Piaggio.

Why the sudden love for motorcycling? The MCI believes that the rising cost of car ownership is the influencing factor behind the sudden increase in motorcycle sales. A combination of high fuel prices and increasing insurance premiums has made all the difference in the current economic climate; motorcycling is officially the cheapest way to get around, and more and more people are turning to the motorcycle as a cost-efficient transport solution.

Kenward confirmed the findings, saying: “The styles of bikes and smaller capacity engine machines that are ideal for entry level riders confirm that those people who have had a go, are taking it onto the next level, by getting fully trained and purchasing their first bike.”

The motorcycle is thought to provide the ideal low-cost transport solution; especially for young people who have only recently acquired a license and are keen to find a cheap mode of transportation which provides a quick and easy way to get around cities or built-up areas. It looks as if the motorcycling heyday is yet to come!

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